Thursday, 29 December 2011


today 4 november, it's seunghyun brithday a.k.a TOP. i really glad, for wishes.
TOP i've been in love with your voice, and i get so happy when i see you. You smile, your awesome sense of humor and just about everything you do makes me smile, laugh and even sometimes you make me crack up on the floor laughing. Even though you are preety hot, your personality is even hotter and it's what made me keep sticking to you. You really work hard at all you do, i really respect you for that. i hope you have an awesome day and have an epic time partying with GD, Taeyang, Seungri and Deasung in Europe. As for the EMA's, i honestly truly do BIGBANG wins and even you don't, it doesnt matter beacause you and BIGBANG are still #1.

All in all i just want to say thankyou. Thank you for being the kind hearted man that you are, thank you for inspiring, giving stength and music, so i can feel so many things while listening to it. and thank you for loving Deasung, GD, Seungri and Taeyang, thank you for loving VIP's. THANK YOU FOR BEING CHOI SEUNG HYUN.

Happy Birthday and i always love you, more than you will ever come to know.
Be happy and i hope, nothing will ever hurt you and your loved ones. :')



should reverse the frame order so it looks like tabi is leaning in suddenly instead lol

when im sad or bored i just watch BIGBANG parodies and everything will be alright. let's watch together here.